Black Summoner – Chapter 19

Ummm…Nothing else to say here. Anyway, this is chapter 19.

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Update(after a long time)

Someone picked-up Black Summoner and doing a translation(not draft-translation that I’m doing). Please visit and follow Kuros’ site for more updates.

Also, I got retrenched from work. If I ever wasn’t able to find a new one, I might try re-learning Japanese language again and/or start writing about my Otherworld Zombie Apocalypse.

Some translation, RL, riajuu, and wasteland stuffs

Few people already pointed-out that some parts of my translations are a bit way-off. Thanks for telling me and will try my best to improve it. So far there are still no one bashing me, but if someone intend to, please don’t do it. Learning and using 2 different languages other than your mother tongue is really hard, specially Japanese where syntax, characters, and words are waaaay too different that what you got used to. Instead of bashing others, try to learn it and translate them yourself.

Regarding RL stuffs, I got new tasks at work and have to do lots of researches on quite new technologies. Moreover, we’re quite busy at home packing our stuffs, about to move to a bigger house. Also internet will be reconnected a day after we move.

I don’t know what to say about riajuu stuffs but someone asked me Yesterday if we can go out tonight. And it is hard to decline her even if I’m too lazy to go out. And please don’t say “riajuu must explode”, it can’t be helped.

About the wasteland, well, Fallout 4 just got released and I’m a fan of open world and crafting games. So, will not do any draft translations for now, maybe I can resume working on chapter 214 or 215 of Kumo desu ga, nani ka?(depends if someone is already working on them). Someone already claimed 213 and maybe they will release them today or tomorrow.

Kumo desu ga, nani ka? – vampie vs ogre-kun 4

This series was dropped in Turb0 Translation because of RL. Same reason why I got stuck translating Black Summoner, plus there are lines I’m having a hard time translating them. This series is a bit easier but nowhere that easy to translate for me.

Though I started to help out translating this, I think it is better to share this so that the burden would become lighter to the regular translators. Also, this will greatly help me improve my english(it is just only a secondary language in my country) and my japanese(still a newbie and I’m sure I won’t pass JPLT5). So please correct my mistakes or just wait for the cleaner version from Raising the Dead.

Few more notes here:

  1. 鬼人 – I temporarily translate it to Ogre guy because I don’t know what to do with the kanji 人(person)
  2. kagayachikiri – sounds less cool in english
  3. the POV on this chapter is on our vampie-loli

Anyway, this is chapter Oni vs Oni 4[draft]. WARNING: READ AT YOUR OWN RISK – you might experience severe headaches with a big chance of having brain hemorrhage