Translating [Let’s become adventurer – defeating dungeons with a skill board] temporarily

As the title says, I’m temporarily translating another series temporarily until someone picks this.

I’m translating this for my own consumption, so please don’t expect me to work on this like it is my responsibility. You may ask someone better to translate this and it is completely fine with me, actually I would love it if someone will do this for us. I don’t really like doing translation works with my very very very tiny knowledge with Japanese.

Anyway, this story is quite different from the usual Japanese fantasy stories out there which are mostly isekai. This one is a reverse-isekai where the elements from other world was imported to “our world”. Like the manga Death Mount Death Play, and the LN/manga/anime Hataraku Maou-sama. As you have noticed, the first part of the title is “Let’s become adventurer”, which is similar to game streamers’ way to labeling their streams as “Let’s play”. Well, the story is quite similar to that, but instead of posting videos, they are blogging what they are doing(as adventurers) like a diary and gain followers.

It already have a manga(actually I discovered this through that manga). And it is really good. Though people took it a shitty story because “there are no guns” and the main character wears “a shabby armor”.

But if you analyze it well, aside from using guns as adventurer is not romance, there are lots of negative impact in using guns. The noise it produces is quite loud and can reach further, so expect for monster train. Silencers can deteriorate faster and there are probably creatures can still detect high-pitched sounds. Also the materials they can get from monsters are very precious, you don’t want to sell high quality furs, shells, and skins full of holes. Furthermore, fighting in close-quarter against monsters with guns is very dangerous, a lump of metal(like Gut’s) can be used to block attacks and use it again to counter-attack. It is also possible to do it with a dagger/knife, but not with any guns, I believe.

Regarding his armor, you will figure it out as the story progresses.

Anyway, I’m half-done with the prologue and expecting to finish it by tomorrow, unless I got lazy or have to prioritize some IRL stuffs. And I also read even further and it is really good even though I’m having a hard time trying to comprehend what Google Translate provide to me.

You can find the table of contents through the menu, under Translated Projects or you can directly go through this link. Also you can edit it then post on your blogs, or even share it to me then post it here. Just inform me, because my English is just mediocre.

Also, I believe this web novel still has no Novel Update entry. I won’t make it, but if anyone is motivated enough, then please make it.


Update(after a long time)

Someone picked-up Black Summoner and doing a translation(not draft-translation that I’m doing). Please visit and follow Kuros’ site for more updates.

Also, I got retrenched from work. If I ever wasn’t able to find a new one, I might try re-learning Japanese language again and/or start writing about my Otherworld Zombie Apocalypse.

Some translation, RL, riajuu, and wasteland stuffs

Few people already pointed-out that some parts of my translations are a bit way-off. Thanks for telling me and will try my best to improve it. So far there are still no one bashing me, but if someone intend to, please don’t do it. Learning and using 2 different languages other than your mother tongue is really hard, specially Japanese where syntax, characters, and words are waaaay too different that what you got used to. Instead of bashing others, try to learn it and translate them yourself.

Regarding RL stuffs, I got new tasks at work and have to do lots of researches on quite new technologies. Moreover, we’re quite busy at home packing our stuffs, about to move to a bigger house. Also internet will be reconnected a day after we move.

I don’t know what to say about riajuu stuffs but someone asked me Yesterday if we can go out tonight. And it is hard to decline her even if I’m too lazy to go out. And please don’t say “riajuu must explode”, it can’t be helped.

About the wasteland, well, Fallout 4 just got released and I’m a fan of open world and crafting games. So, will not do any draft translations for now, maybe I can resume working on chapter 214 or 215 of Kumo desu ga, nani ka?(depends if someone is already working on them). Someone already claimed 213 and maybe they will release them today or tomorrow.